Monday, December 29, 2008


We had a great Christmas this year. The weather was gorgeous which made Mam very happy (we were able to get out of her house!). Scarlett was a little overwhelmed while opening presents so we were still opening presents (all books though) last night! She woke up with Santa underneath the tree and knew something was up. She hid behind the tree and peeked around (a: because she was wondering why her house was SOOOOO clean and b: because there were crazy things by her "tee"). She did get her pic taken with Santa this year and was so happy to do so! I have to scan the picture and post it later. Here is a little sample of our day........

The Backyardigans on top of the piano were a big hit! The bench to the piano has now been put away. We knew it wouldn't be the safest thing to have around, and boy were we right - she went right for that thing standing and crawling on top of the piano!

Playing Mam's piano

She is not a baby anymore! She was climbing the slide and going down by herself (after Uncle Marc taught her all the tricks)

Thinking she is a big girl!

At least she is feet first. Somewhere along the way she got the idea to go down head first!

Getting ready to go to bed - wouldn't really keep the hat on, so this is the only pic we have.

The next day at Memaw Hasley's house tearing into a present.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Scarlett's first school Christmas party

Scarlett started Mother's Day Out this fall -- she goes two times a week for several hours in the morning. I was very hesitant about it (thanks Aunt B for making me do it!). There are many upsides to "school". She actually is learning some things that I know I didn't teach her. She is also learning how to interact with other kids, which I guess will serve her well down the line. The downside is, of course, germs. I know, I know -- she will get these illnesses sooner or later, but the poor thing has had one thing after another (well, usually a cold/cough followed by an ear infection -- 4 to be exact!). As I type this I am listening to her over the baby monitor breathe through a very stuffy nose with the intermittent cough. Let's just hope and pray that we aren't cleaning tonight's dinner out of her bed cuz she gags while coughing -- that seems to be her specialty! Anyway -- here are a couple of pics of her Christmas party today. She didn't care one iota about those cupcakes. She put her finger on the icing, made a little "huh" sound, and went straight to the goldfish. Maybe she ISN'T like her momma after all!

F.Y.I -- that is NOT her bottle -- that belongs to a sibling of her classmate!

Elmo says the funniest things (I guess!)

There is one book that Scarlett wants to read -- Melmo (elmo), of course! This is a book from Valentine's day that she still eats the corners off of (disgusting, I know...... what do you do?). She will grab that book and look very serious for awhile, then laugh like she knows Elmo just said something hilarious. It really is cute. I think I might just have to go to the bookstore and get her a few Elmo books to open for Christmas. Here she is at a point in the book where Elmo is being funny...........

Morning hair

All of you out there with curly hair will feel Scarlett's pain -- the dreaded morning!! After 11-12 hours in the bed, Miss Scarlett wakes up with the craziest "do". The day before this picture was taken she had her flu shot and her daddy bought her this "welcome baby girl" balloon in the gift shop cuz' she was still a little whiny (umm.... wrapped around her finger maybe???). She loves "boons" so her daddy thought it would make her feel better!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Ready for Christmas.........

I am done decorating for Christmas (whew....) -- but, I must admit I ONLY did the bare minimum this year. With Scarlett and her little nosey ways I just couldn't imagine getting out all the decor just to have it broken. SO, this year everything is different. The tree doesn't have ANY of the breakable ornaments on it -- just big ole' balls that have already stood up to her test! She walks by sometimes, screams "ball" and grabs it/throws it overhanded as hard as she can. It all happens so fast I just can't get there in time! The first time she did it I knew I had made the right decision on the tree decorations! These may have to last for many years (I guess I will have to continue on through more kiddos!). Not much to say except for I am ready to see how she reacts to presents underneath the tree. I have nothing wrapped and I am not in any hurry to tempt her further. Hope everyone is having a great holiday season so far!

Here it is -- the Todder Safe Tree!!

This doesn't look like the face of innocence -- maybe Santa needs to look into this!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Workin' on the railroad (well, dressing BEAUTIFULLY and playing on the tracks)

I haven't been feeling so well lately, but I had a moment today where all the pain meds and cold meds were working simultaneously (AHHHH) so Scarlett got all dolled up, thanks to her oh-so-hideous mother who hasn't showered in days (um, I digress....) and we went to the train tracks for some pics. I am trying my best to get the perfect Christmas card shot. I don't think we got it today -- MAN was it cold -- like I said, we haven't been out of the house in days and I had absolutely no idea how chilly the wind is. These particular railroad tracks are a few miles from my house and are inactive so there is NO threat of having to jump ship in a life-or-death situation. And, no threat of really ticking off the engineer of a train who would shoot ugly glances at me for using the dangerous tracks as my playground! Anyway, we spent about 10 minutes there and I came right home and got in my jammies again. here is a sample of our fun........

don't quite know what that face is, but I like it!

She loves her some rocks!

She didn't know quite what to think -- she didn't sit for long, though!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving and all the other stuff

We had a great Thanksgiving feast in Arkadelphia at Mam's house. We had the traditional fare -- WAY too much food (and sweets!). Scarlett just munched on some Turkey and, the good ole' standby, strawberries. While she napped all the other grandkids and their cool moms (and their cool aunt - ME) went to the 'secret playground' -- a.k.a the Perritt playground. The Perritt nature trail ends in my parent's backyard (I still can't believe I was allowed to walk it by myself - that would NEVER happen today!) which was pretty cool when I was 10 years old! Anyway - not much to say -- here are some pics of our day.................

Giving her best CHEEEESE face

Kacy Alyn - can't believe she is so old......

Ainsley twirling Sarah and Grace

John Clark played was such a good babysitter!!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Beautiful Day!

I am so glad to have a break from the freezing cold weather! Scarlett is finally feeling better (she gave her yuck to me, though -- so happy she is sharing!) so we went outside to play a little. Just had to post a quick pic from all the fun -- we rolled in the grass (many, many times) and got very, very dirty. That seems to make it all the more fun!!

This is now one of my favorite all time pics!

Friday, November 21, 2008

November is FLYING by!

I can't believe how fast this year has flown by! I realized today that in 5 months I will have a TWO year old! The past 19 months have been so much fun (and so scary at the same time, if that makes any sense.....). She is talking so much more now and she actually KNOWS what she is saying. She interacts with everyone -- we can't make it out of Wal-Mart without saying 'hi' to absolutely everyone. She is a climber - and I mean a CLIMBER!!!! The Kid is really going to get hurt someday. OHH - and she is the nosiest little thing with absolutely no fear (umm, the 'no fear' thing is 100% her father - I was a mucho fearful. The nosy thing - lets just say it runs in my family!). She loves shoes, well, actually she adores shoes. We watch a LOT of Backyardigans (we just call it 'pablo' for short - she actually kisses the t.v. nite-nite -- very, very cute). I guess she is turning into a little person right before my very eyes - I LOVE what I see!!

This is Miss Scarlett in the bouncy seat (yes, the BOUNCY seat). It is now her recliner.

These 'earrings' are actually princess Christmas ornaments that Mam put on her -
I think she liked them!

OHH - did I mention she can read??

She LOVES to wipe stuff on her face (pictured is Desitin) --
she is not picky, though -- she likes lotion, tooth paste, shampoo....

Hunting with Daddy

Well, it is hunting season again. If you know Dillard, then you know EXACTLY where to find him (somewhere in Open Banks would be MY guess). Miss Scarlett and I just hang back, usually at Mam's or Memaw's house playing and eating while daddy goes out and does all the dirty work. Of course, Miss Scarlett has the perfect outfit ready for "daddy and me" pictures with dead animals. So, we dress her in her camo bibs and take some pics. I don't think she really cared for the deer and I took her away before the skinnin' started -- since I have no idea what really goes through that mind of hers I would prefer to wait a few years for that. Below is a picture with daddy's 10 point (good job, daddy!). She did grab the horns (my picture of that is fuzzy - really am about to break down and get a new camera, but that is a different story) and, of course being the germaphobic nurse that I am, I germ-ex'd her hands appropriately. She was actually sick the day of these pics which would explain the look on her face.

Doesn't she look THRILLED????

She wasn't about to look at the camera!!!!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet!!

I will be very honest -- I was dreading dressing Scarlett in her costume and taking her trick-or-treating. I just knew that since it was bedtime, etc..., that she would be a very angry bumblebee. To my suprise, she had a BALL!!! Ainsley and Scarlett were both bumblebees - yet, getting them to pose together and smile at the same time was not in the cards, but oh well. Coconut (the dog) was also a bumblebee - it would have been cuter if a) the kids would pose and b) the dog would sit still and pose with the kids. I had such a cute picture worked out in my head. Needless to say, it didn't happen and I had to take what I could get. We went to Aunt B and Uncle Marc's house and lots of kiddos were there. Of course, Grace and Sarah were there (I only got one pic of Grace and NONE of Sarah - hope her mother did). Sam and Miles (my-pooh) went trick-or-treating with us and we had a ball. They were so cute - of course, they don't know the etiquette involved in halloween yet (ya know, you knock but DON'T go in the house.... they were all to eager to invite themselves in!). Here are a few pics of the fun.......

This was the best I was going to get of Ainsley and Scarlett. There was too much going on (the bonfire and s'mores makin') to sit still for the crazy camera lady

The ONLY way I was going to get Coconut and Scarlett together in their bumblebee costumes was to have someone hold the both of them. This was about as loving as it got.

It was SO dark outside that we didn't even realize Scarlett had lost her shoe (on about the 3rd house, and we went to quite a few!!). Daddy and Mr. Robert went on a search after we got home and luckily found it. I was editing my pictures and realized that she only has one shoe on in most of the pictures..... oops!

Sam, Scarlett, and Miles
(my-pooh as we will lovingly call him now, thanks to Scarlett)
We were lucky to get a few shots of the three of them together - they were doing all they could to smile through the extreme exhaustion!

The boys and little ole' ME

We went to the playground with our friends this morning. Scarlett was so cute - all the way there I told her we were going to play with Sam and Miles. She kept repeating Sam's name, but I still can't understand exactly how she was saying it. I have always called Miles "Miles-ee-poo", so she was saying "my-pooh". I thought that was so sweet. Anyway, it was a beautiful morning and Scarlett was just where she wanted to be -- OUTSIDE!! The girl would eat/sleep/breathe the outdoors if I would let her! Here are some pics -- my favorite is the last one - she is actually ASLEEP in the high chair - sitting up, I might add!

Look at our crazy hair!! Every time she would go down the slide it would be standing straight up on the top of her head!

here is "my-pooh" trying to get Scarlett OUT of the back of his car! One day he will be begging girls to get IN his car - but whatever!

It looks like Sam is trying to read his map while Scarlett yells at him (typical male/female stuff there)

AND - here she is when I was making her lunch. She was POOPED!!! I snapped this picture and the flash woke her up. She was NOT happy with me!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Busy October!!

Scarlett turned 18 months old this month -- EIGHTEEN MONTHS!!! This past year+ has flown by so fast! Everyone told me this would happen (now, I see why people have more than one child!). We are having the best time with her - she imitates absolutely everything we do and has such a little personality. She has a LOT of Dillard in her. Throwing fits seems to be our specialty at the first sign of something not going her way. And for those of you saying "Dillard had a temper??" YES - Dillard had quite the temper as a toddler so I am told. Very hard for me to believe, too, but moving on...... We have been enjoying the fall weather and Scarlett now will say "outside" and then after a few mumble-bumble phrases you can understand the word "shoes". All this means I want to go outside and I must put on my shoes (she gets her love of shoes from her mommy!) Here is some of the fun we have had this month:

This will have to do for our family portrait this year!!

My blue-eyed girl (and NO - I didn't do ANY color enhancement on this one!!)

Just waitin' for the pig races to start at the pumpkin patch

This is so sweet! Ainsley says "hers my best friend". I hope they are always this cute and sweet to each other!!

Picking out our pumpkin! She just kept calling them balls. Oh well, plenty of time for education later - it was cute!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Portrait Giveaway!!!!!!

I just LOVE free stuff, especially COOL stuff! I found this blog (good thing I was stalking Christy's blog!!) and the artist is giving away a free portrait. I think a watercolor portrait of Scarlett would be just divine! So - log on and enter (there is a button/link on my sidebar). I might just have to talk Scarlett's daddy into getting one made anyway -OR- I could just have it done and tell him I did it - he would think I was full of hidden talents!!! I will upload some pics soon - we had a computer mishap and ALL my pictures are now safely stored elsewhere - we came close to losing photographic proof of Scarlett's existence! I am now motivated to get hard copies of all the pictures that have been hanging out in cyberspace!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Playing with my boyfriends

Scarlett absolutely does NOT like to sit at home. About 9:30 a.m. if we have not already been outside, she will find some shoes (hers, mine, or Dillard's - does not really matter), put them on and try her best to open the door to the outside world. Today we went with Miles and Sam to the playground at church. She had a great time - except for the hissy fit(s) thrown in here and there. She is really a quiet child. She just follows kids around and observes - but I guess her parents aren't the most talkative people around. Here are a couple of pics of the day.........................

Miles and Sam (well, the back of Sam's head)

Scarlett and Miles coming out of the slide -- poor little things tried to climb up the slide but did not succeed!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A day in Arkeedo

A few days ago Scarlett woke up happy enough, but when her daddy left she turned on me! When there was no improvement noted by 9:00 a.m. I packed a bag for the day, put the whiner in the car seat (after we put on the tutu, of course), and drove to Arkadelphia. We stopped by the Hasley's (see pic with Pepaw. Sorry Memaw, we didn't get any pictures with you - we will have to next time). Scarlett had a great time and even Aunt Michelle got a few hugs. We went to Mam and Paw's house all by ourselves because they were working, but Paw did come home to watch Backyardigan's with Scarlett. After her nap, we went to Mam's Candy Store (a.k.a the OBU bookstore - Grace used to call it Mam's Candy Store, and so the name has stuck). She had a great time walking up the stairs, especially the little stairs in front of the student center - she could do those all by herself. She walked around campus like she belonged there. There was one girl laying in the grass studying and little miss nosy walked up and just stared. I often wonder what goes through her little mind!!! We finally ended our day and had to get home to see daddy. Glad we got out of the house - don't know if I could have withstood the day of whining!

Once she realized Pepaw's chair made noises, she was more than happy to sit in his lap!

She loved "one, two, three"!!

Walking up the steps like a big girl

And, here is the girl studying. Sorry 'girl-we-don't-know'. I took this picture right before she looked up. She is pretty special - she has now made the blog. Scarlett is such a nosy little thang!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kacy and The Car

It is official - Kacy is all grown up! I was 15 (one year younger than her) when she was born and now I feel OLD! She was such a sweet little girl - such a girlie girl. It never crossed my mind looking at that DRAMATIC four year-old in pig-tails that I would see the day she got her first car (and that it would come so soon!). It isn't easy watching them grow up - AND - now that I know it actually happens, I can't stop thinking about this being John Clark, Grace, and so on..... (I don't want to even THINK about it being Scarlett................ ugh). Well, here are a few pics of the big day.

Kacy Alyn and her ride (this SURE isn't the 1984 Prelude I had - but, I had a moon roof!)

Scarlett wanted in on the action

Getting ready to go!