Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Big Girl

I had to post this picture of my big girl. When I told her to look at me and say "cheese" it almost made me gasp -- all this time I have seen her as a baby. Today, she is a big girl. They really do grow up fast.

Total Randomness

We have nothing exciting to report lately (guess that is a good thing). Scarlett had tubes put in her ears -- YIPPEE!!! She has battled ear infections since October and finally in late Feb we had the surgery. She is speaking MUCH clearer and says a new word or sentence everyday, so I guess it was a good decision!!!!! AND she doesn't constantly walk around shaking her poor little head and screaming -- DOUBLE yay! I have a few pics of what we have all been up to lately - the first is Kacy Alyn (can't believe she is 16 years old) at the sweetheart ball with Jeremy. I just think she is so beautiful -- you can see for yourself!

Kacy and Jeremy -- wish she still thought I was a cool aunt!!

Scarlett trying on my new boots -- she loves shoes (like her momma!)
I just love that cute little belly (momma's is NOT so cute!)

Is it ever too early in a girl's life to sunbathe?
It has been SO pretty outside lately and we LOVE it!! This girl could live outside. She does NOT understand why she can't go 'wing' (swing) and 'wide' (slide) when it is raining or freezing!! She loves to play in her daddy's jeep. I am pretty sure that thing hasn't been cleaned out in years - no telling the diseases lurking in there!

Scarlett loves aunt B's dog 'co-co-not' (coconut) - poor little dog gets stickers put on her and is chased and tortured, all from the hands of little miss Scarlett. Scarlett just wants to hug her -- coconut doesn't quite get it :) !

Finally - a picture with her mam. A picture of Scarlett smiling is rare, so I had to post it!!