Saturday, July 19, 2008

Spending the night with mam and paw

Scarlett is spending the night with her mam and paw (today is my birthday so I am going out to eat and look forward to something that is NOT in a box labeled "Jenny Craig"!). She got to spend a little time with Mamaw Hern and I am sure everyone is having a great time without me! As long as Scarlett has a place to sleep I don't know that she cares where she is! The last pic on here was taken at Kacy's sweet sixteen party last night. And yes - I know she is hugging a boy. Gross.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Fun Friday

After all day inside (due to the nasty heat that continues outside) we decided to go outside and play with our bubble machine. Scarlett enjoyed it at first, but soon lost interest when she couldn't catch the bubbles! After all of her effort the poor thing was burning up, so I turned on her sprinkler and she didn't even wait for me to take her clothes off before jumping in! She just kept trying to drink the water (I am sure there is some sort of parasite in our future!). Here are a few pics of our fun times..........


Well, here it goes. My journey into the "real world". There has got to be some reason behind me wanting to start a blog (don't know what that reason is yet). Probably so grandparents can keep up with Scarlett, because I KNOW that is their priority day in and day out, but mostly for me I guess. Since Scarlett is taking a nap now, I will try to play around and see how this works. Give me some time, Mam. I will eventually get this up and running! Here we go..............