Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet!!

I will be very honest -- I was dreading dressing Scarlett in her costume and taking her trick-or-treating. I just knew that since it was bedtime, etc..., that she would be a very angry bumblebee. To my suprise, she had a BALL!!! Ainsley and Scarlett were both bumblebees - yet, getting them to pose together and smile at the same time was not in the cards, but oh well. Coconut (the dog) was also a bumblebee - it would have been cuter if a) the kids would pose and b) the dog would sit still and pose with the kids. I had such a cute picture worked out in my head. Needless to say, it didn't happen and I had to take what I could get. We went to Aunt B and Uncle Marc's house and lots of kiddos were there. Of course, Grace and Sarah were there (I only got one pic of Grace and NONE of Sarah - hope her mother did). Sam and Miles (my-pooh) went trick-or-treating with us and we had a ball. They were so cute - of course, they don't know the etiquette involved in halloween yet (ya know, you knock but DON'T go in the house.... they were all to eager to invite themselves in!). Here are a few pics of the fun.......

This was the best I was going to get of Ainsley and Scarlett. There was too much going on (the bonfire and s'mores makin') to sit still for the crazy camera lady

The ONLY way I was going to get Coconut and Scarlett together in their bumblebee costumes was to have someone hold the both of them. This was about as loving as it got.

It was SO dark outside that we didn't even realize Scarlett had lost her shoe (on about the 3rd house, and we went to quite a few!!). Daddy and Mr. Robert went on a search after we got home and luckily found it. I was editing my pictures and realized that she only has one shoe on in most of the pictures..... oops!

Sam, Scarlett, and Miles
(my-pooh as we will lovingly call him now, thanks to Scarlett)
We were lucky to get a few shots of the three of them together - they were doing all they could to smile through the extreme exhaustion!

The boys and little ole' ME

We went to the playground with our friends this morning. Scarlett was so cute - all the way there I told her we were going to play with Sam and Miles. She kept repeating Sam's name, but I still can't understand exactly how she was saying it. I have always called Miles "Miles-ee-poo", so she was saying "my-pooh". I thought that was so sweet. Anyway, it was a beautiful morning and Scarlett was just where she wanted to be -- OUTSIDE!! The girl would eat/sleep/breathe the outdoors if I would let her! Here are some pics -- my favorite is the last one - she is actually ASLEEP in the high chair - sitting up, I might add!

Look at our crazy hair!! Every time she would go down the slide it would be standing straight up on the top of her head!

here is "my-pooh" trying to get Scarlett OUT of the back of his car! One day he will be begging girls to get IN his car - but whatever!

It looks like Sam is trying to read his map while Scarlett yells at him (typical male/female stuff there)

AND - here she is when I was making her lunch. She was POOPED!!! I snapped this picture and the flash woke her up. She was NOT happy with me!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Busy October!!

Scarlett turned 18 months old this month -- EIGHTEEN MONTHS!!! This past year+ has flown by so fast! Everyone told me this would happen (now, I see why people have more than one child!). We are having the best time with her - she imitates absolutely everything we do and has such a little personality. She has a LOT of Dillard in her. Throwing fits seems to be our specialty at the first sign of something not going her way. And for those of you saying "Dillard had a temper??" YES - Dillard had quite the temper as a toddler so I am told. Very hard for me to believe, too, but moving on...... We have been enjoying the fall weather and Scarlett now will say "outside" and then after a few mumble-bumble phrases you can understand the word "shoes". All this means I want to go outside and I must put on my shoes (she gets her love of shoes from her mommy!) Here is some of the fun we have had this month:

This will have to do for our family portrait this year!!

My blue-eyed girl (and NO - I didn't do ANY color enhancement on this one!!)

Just waitin' for the pig races to start at the pumpkin patch

This is so sweet! Ainsley says "hers my best friend". I hope they are always this cute and sweet to each other!!

Picking out our pumpkin! She just kept calling them balls. Oh well, plenty of time for education later - it was cute!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Portrait Giveaway!!!!!!

I just LOVE free stuff, especially COOL stuff! I found this blog (good thing I was stalking Christy's blog!!) and the artist is giving away a free portrait. I think a watercolor portrait of Scarlett would be just divine! So - log on and enter (there is a button/link on my sidebar). I might just have to talk Scarlett's daddy into getting one made anyway -OR- I could just have it done and tell him I did it - he would think I was full of hidden talents!!! I will upload some pics soon - we had a computer mishap and ALL my pictures are now safely stored elsewhere - we came close to losing photographic proof of Scarlett's existence! I am now motivated to get hard copies of all the pictures that have been hanging out in cyberspace!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Playing with my boyfriends

Scarlett absolutely does NOT like to sit at home. About 9:30 a.m. if we have not already been outside, she will find some shoes (hers, mine, or Dillard's - does not really matter), put them on and try her best to open the door to the outside world. Today we went with Miles and Sam to the playground at church. She had a great time - except for the hissy fit(s) thrown in here and there. She is really a quiet child. She just follows kids around and observes - but I guess her parents aren't the most talkative people around. Here are a couple of pics of the day.........................

Miles and Sam (well, the back of Sam's head)

Scarlett and Miles coming out of the slide -- poor little things tried to climb up the slide but did not succeed!