Monday, December 29, 2008


We had a great Christmas this year. The weather was gorgeous which made Mam very happy (we were able to get out of her house!). Scarlett was a little overwhelmed while opening presents so we were still opening presents (all books though) last night! She woke up with Santa underneath the tree and knew something was up. She hid behind the tree and peeked around (a: because she was wondering why her house was SOOOOO clean and b: because there were crazy things by her "tee"). She did get her pic taken with Santa this year and was so happy to do so! I have to scan the picture and post it later. Here is a little sample of our day........

The Backyardigans on top of the piano were a big hit! The bench to the piano has now been put away. We knew it wouldn't be the safest thing to have around, and boy were we right - she went right for that thing standing and crawling on top of the piano!

Playing Mam's piano

She is not a baby anymore! She was climbing the slide and going down by herself (after Uncle Marc taught her all the tricks)

Thinking she is a big girl!

At least she is feet first. Somewhere along the way she got the idea to go down head first!

Getting ready to go to bed - wouldn't really keep the hat on, so this is the only pic we have.

The next day at Memaw Hasley's house tearing into a present.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Scarlett's first school Christmas party

Scarlett started Mother's Day Out this fall -- she goes two times a week for several hours in the morning. I was very hesitant about it (thanks Aunt B for making me do it!). There are many upsides to "school". She actually is learning some things that I know I didn't teach her. She is also learning how to interact with other kids, which I guess will serve her well down the line. The downside is, of course, germs. I know, I know -- she will get these illnesses sooner or later, but the poor thing has had one thing after another (well, usually a cold/cough followed by an ear infection -- 4 to be exact!). As I type this I am listening to her over the baby monitor breathe through a very stuffy nose with the intermittent cough. Let's just hope and pray that we aren't cleaning tonight's dinner out of her bed cuz she gags while coughing -- that seems to be her specialty! Anyway -- here are a couple of pics of her Christmas party today. She didn't care one iota about those cupcakes. She put her finger on the icing, made a little "huh" sound, and went straight to the goldfish. Maybe she ISN'T like her momma after all!

F.Y.I -- that is NOT her bottle -- that belongs to a sibling of her classmate!

Elmo says the funniest things (I guess!)

There is one book that Scarlett wants to read -- Melmo (elmo), of course! This is a book from Valentine's day that she still eats the corners off of (disgusting, I know...... what do you do?). She will grab that book and look very serious for awhile, then laugh like she knows Elmo just said something hilarious. It really is cute. I think I might just have to go to the bookstore and get her a few Elmo books to open for Christmas. Here she is at a point in the book where Elmo is being funny...........

Morning hair

All of you out there with curly hair will feel Scarlett's pain -- the dreaded morning!! After 11-12 hours in the bed, Miss Scarlett wakes up with the craziest "do". The day before this picture was taken she had her flu shot and her daddy bought her this "welcome baby girl" balloon in the gift shop cuz' she was still a little whiny (umm.... wrapped around her finger maybe???). She loves "boons" so her daddy thought it would make her feel better!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Ready for Christmas.........

I am done decorating for Christmas (whew....) -- but, I must admit I ONLY did the bare minimum this year. With Scarlett and her little nosey ways I just couldn't imagine getting out all the decor just to have it broken. SO, this year everything is different. The tree doesn't have ANY of the breakable ornaments on it -- just big ole' balls that have already stood up to her test! She walks by sometimes, screams "ball" and grabs it/throws it overhanded as hard as she can. It all happens so fast I just can't get there in time! The first time she did it I knew I had made the right decision on the tree decorations! These may have to last for many years (I guess I will have to continue on through more kiddos!). Not much to say except for I am ready to see how she reacts to presents underneath the tree. I have nothing wrapped and I am not in any hurry to tempt her further. Hope everyone is having a great holiday season so far!

Here it is -- the Todder Safe Tree!!

This doesn't look like the face of innocence -- maybe Santa needs to look into this!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Workin' on the railroad (well, dressing BEAUTIFULLY and playing on the tracks)

I haven't been feeling so well lately, but I had a moment today where all the pain meds and cold meds were working simultaneously (AHHHH) so Scarlett got all dolled up, thanks to her oh-so-hideous mother who hasn't showered in days (um, I digress....) and we went to the train tracks for some pics. I am trying my best to get the perfect Christmas card shot. I don't think we got it today -- MAN was it cold -- like I said, we haven't been out of the house in days and I had absolutely no idea how chilly the wind is. These particular railroad tracks are a few miles from my house and are inactive so there is NO threat of having to jump ship in a life-or-death situation. And, no threat of really ticking off the engineer of a train who would shoot ugly glances at me for using the dangerous tracks as my playground! Anyway, we spent about 10 minutes there and I came right home and got in my jammies again. here is a sample of our fun........

don't quite know what that face is, but I like it!

She loves her some rocks!

She didn't know quite what to think -- she didn't sit for long, though!