Monday, July 27, 2009

update: the new, VERY pink cast

SO, we went to Children's Hospital today (for an appt at 11:45..... didn't get called back until 2:00, but we won't talk about that here!). She had another x-ray, and got a new cast! GOODBYE ugly, bulky, plaster crap (sorry mom.......... but it was!). We picked out the pink one, and the more I look at it the brighter it gets!!! They were nice enough to wash her arm/hand before putting the new one on and it looked like it felt SO good. We go back in two weeks to see if it is time to take it off. The ortho guy said that patients Scarlett's age (2) heal very quickly................ that would mean that she could actually go swimming again. We are keeping her out of eyesight of ALL swimming pools, ponds, etc... She does take a bath with a gallon ziplock bag over her arm and one of us holding her arm up and out of the water. She has tolerated all of this like a champ, and actually seems proud of this pink thing. I do think it gets in the way of good sleep, but we can handle it.

Seriously, brighter than the sun.

This is her saying goodbye to our neighbors. She really is intense about it!

A close-up of the cast.............. shield your eyes!

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The Carpenter Life said...

now that is a pink cast!! Cute!!