Monday, July 20, 2009

Scarlett is no Superwoman

WELL............. We are starting our week off with a bang, that is for sure! Scarlett and Ainsley thought they would try their hand at superpowers today, and quickly realized they had none (or Scarlett did, at least!). She jumped off the bed onto a beanbag, completely missing the stuffing portion of the bag and landed on her hand on the hardwood floor. It took me a little bit to figure out what in the world was hurting her. I took her (by myself, I might add!) to the ER at ACH... poor baby broke her arm. Here is the bulky TEMPORARY cast......... we go next week to the orthopedic clinic to get the REAL DEAL! Wonder what colors we have to choose from???

Exhibit A: Bulky plaster cast wrapped in ace bandage, signed by Scarlett :)

Posing with the new accessory (sans the sling.. for some reason she hates that thing!)

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