Friday, July 3, 2009


I completely skipped May, am now posting about June, and it is already July. Wow this year is going by so fast!!! My computer almost crashed, trying to take my pics with it (thanks, James, for saving that!). It still has a mind of its own, so I am trying to get all my pics off of there and save them to other storage devices. I just downloaded my camera card to my new computer and there are 758 pics on there. That is way too many pics --- I am pretty sure there are not even that many pics of me from birth to age 20. Oh well, live and learn..... :). We have learned this summer that Scarlett loves the water, is not afraid of the water (at ALL) and would live IN the water if we would let her. She is NOT going to be stopped by some stupid floaties and will NOT ask for help when sliding down the slide into the pool. After all, she is a BIG girl, right? This scares me to DEATH. She is MY child, and MY child would cling to the side of the pool (or sit on the step) with all their might, right? WRONG. I forget she is part Dillard, too.

Here is a little bit of what we have been up to so far this HOT, HOT summer..........

This kid could blow bubbles all day. I know we have been through 2 gallons so far of bubble solution..... I think we need to stage an intervention :)

PRETTY sure water from the hose is disgusting. Parasites, anyone?

the summer would not be complete without the ice cream truck

Pretty sure she is chewing me out for something here...........

Who doesn't love a gal in pink boots? (or Boo-ITS, as Scarlett calls them)


Mam said...

She is growing way too fast.

The Bobo's said...

I don't know what you do with these pictures, but I would swear you are a professional in disguise!! You have a real talent!! Scarlett also makes for a beautiful subject!